3 Ways to Gain and Retain Customers

Make things simple and your customers will keep coming back for more


Your marketing is paying off and people are interested in your brand. But how do you encourage them to become loyal repeat customers? You must think smart — gone are the days of lengthy sales processes and filling out paper forms to join loyalty programs. Learn how to make it easy for your customers to buy now and keep them coming back for more.


Make things simple

Businesses are quickly realizing the importance of convenience, and how much customers value their time. If it fits your business, think about a smartphone app that will allow your customers to place orders and pay. Your loyalty program could also be built in, allowing customers to receive rewards and promotions straight to their phone. Recent studies show that businesses offering a mobile wallet combined with a loyalty program are seeing great returns.


Deals and discounts

Keep your brand present in the mind of your customers by sending frequent promotions and rewards via app, email and text. One word of caution: learn best practices when it comes to your specific product or service — don’t bombard your customers with too many offers. This can actually be a quick way to turn them off from your brand.


Show you care

You know that the relationship doesn’t end when you make a sale. Nurture your customer relations carefully and you can create long-term loyalty. Show you care by checking in regularly, if appropriate. If customers reach out to you on social media, make sure you respond — this shows you’re engaged and listening to what they have to say. Valuing customer opinions is a great way to encourage loyalty.


Keep things simple and convenient for your customers, and they will become loyal to you for many years to come. Make ordering easy and send promotions directly to your customers’ phones, and you put yourself in a great position for business success.

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