Specialties and Services

Here are a few areas we can help you establish when you are opening a new business or expanding your brand to the U.S. You bring a unique business model, product or service, target audience, and, together, we’ll set-up goals and make them happen.


  • Accounting principles
  • Procedures and guidelines
  • Choosing the right accountant
  • Cost structure


  • Supply chain
  • Distribution channels strategy
  • Warehousing


  • Choosing the best platform for order fulfillment (including shopping cart, web developer, merchant services)
  • Online strategy
  • Electronic data interchange (EDI)

Human Resources

  • Human resources policies
  • Payroll benefits
  • Recruiting
  • Interviewing and hiring of new staff

Information Technology

  • Choosing the right system to run the company
  • Data management
  • Software platform and integrations


  • Choosing the sales structure
  • Sales and market segmentation
  • Trade shows
  • Digital media strategy
  • Public relations


  • Inventory management
  • Product and material handling
  • Freight and shipping integrations


  • Retails location selection
  • Operation of retail store

We can help your organization expand, reach new customers and establish its presence in the U.S. market.

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